Guards and SecuRity Patrols

Fortitude also offers security guards to protect your business, should you require them for a number of different reasons. Each business is different, so our guards will fulfill a range of different needs.

From static guards, who attend your premises as deterrents to potential thieves, mobile patrol or alarm responses, our committed team will go above and beyond to protect your business in whatever way you need it. At Fortitude Security, the safety of our clients is our priority and we will always have a solution for your security needs.

To ensure absolute peace of mind, Fortitude offers guards and patrol staff that will help to protect your business and the workers in your building. As experts in commercial security, we understand that electronic devices are crucial, but sometimes you may also require real people, and their judgement, for extra security. This is why we hire guards and patrol staff that fulfills the specific requirements to protect your business.

Guards for all Situations

The security guards and patrol staff we provide are committed, experienced, accredited, and have a professional outlook. While most businesses take advantage of the static guard service that we offer, the range we offer goes far beyond this.

From static guards, mobile patrols and alarm response, we provide guards for every situation in which you may require them. This is due to the fact that we recognise every business is different and has changing requirements over time. Furthermore, our guards and patrol are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter what you need a guard or patrol for, Fortitude has the solution.

Read more to find out about the types of guards that we offer and the situations in which you can utilise their expertise.

Fortitude Asset Protection is able to offer a full complement of CCTV electronic surveillance systems, alarms and access control systems.

Uniformed static guards provide security for businesses in Perth.
Your static guards will attend your premises at specified days and times. Static guards will attend in full uniform to give a visible security presence for your industrial, commercial or retail location, however alternative clothing requirements may be discussed to suit your business. Static guards are a deterrent to potential thieves or other criminals and give peace of mind to your staff, clients and customers.

Mobile security patrols situated in Perth to protect your business or commercial property..
Regular security patrols are carried out at varying times and days to protect your commercial premises. Procedures are in place to ensure mobile patrols attend at random times to provide comprehensive security. Our security operations manager carries out field service quality assessments and utilises electronic monitoring of security teams to ensure security patrols are providing you the best possible service.
Random mobile security patrols detect suspect behaviour and are an effective deterrent against criminals.

Perth alarm monitoring and response.
Protect your business and assets. Your electronic security will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a professional operations team in a grade one facility. In the case of an alarm activation, our security team will respond by attending and securing your premises.

A full perimeter inspection is carried out to detect any signs of vandalism or security breach. Depending on your needs you may choose to give Fortitude Security Services internal access to your premises to ensure your security and minimise risk of loss. If you have given us access, we will also complete a thorough internal check. All alarm responses are documented and reported.


Fortitude are always looking to expand our committed, qualified and professional security team. Contact us today for a confidential discussion about the next step in your security career.

If you are a qualified security officer we would like to talk to you. Ideally you will have at least a Certificate II in Security Operations and a Senior First Aid Certificate and customer service skills

Fortitude Security Services offers great conditions, a supportive team environment and full uniforms are provided.

For a confidential discussion about the next step in your security career, call Fortitude Security on 1300 720 130 or email

CCTV Electronic Surveillance Systems

Our highly-advanced CCTV systems allow you to capture footage on your premises and review it in the future should incidents occur. Fortitude offers an enterprise level IP solution to ensure that your business remains safe at all times. We have staff that can be hired to monitor the footage captured by the cameras we install in order to prevent incidents before they occur. CCTV is an effective way to ensure protection of your work environment and an effective deterrent against afterhours intrusion.

Fortitude can provide largescale data networks to suit IPCCTV and other networking solutions.

Capture and review footage with Perth’s highest standard of CCTV.

Remote solutions for accessing footage from CCTV networks, both in real time and for incident review.


Fortitude offers a range of alarms and access control solutions that deter break-ins and damage to your property. Not only can we install highly advanced systems onto your building, but our intercoms, locksmith services, automation and access control systems also give you the ability to control who enters your premises. We offer a range of large-scale access control projects, such as heavy duty gates, to aid in the protection of your property.

Divert unwanted intruders and remain safe with our range of security alarm solutions.

Our advanced access control systems let you decide who can enter your property.

Fortitude’s intercom and automation systems let you communicate with those trying to enter your property.

We have an extensive range of locksmithing services available to assist with keeping your building secure and your mind at peace.

Protect yourself and your business with our range of high-quality automated commercial gates.

Virtual Guards

Fortitude has a large range of remotely accessible Camera Towers that are available for temporary and long-term hire. The mobile security system is versatile and accommodates CCTV, Wi-Fi, surveillance monitoring, infra-red detectors and evidence quality footage

With the option to have a trained security guard, our Camera towers will give you absolute peace of mind at all times. Camera towers are just another example of how we at Fortitude tailor our service to accommodate the variety of needs that different types of businesses have.

Fortitude delivers complete surveillance solutions with 360 degree capabilities for mobile and portable scene surveillance. They are a prime example of how we at Fortitude have adapted and expanded our services over time. Contact us today to begin discussing your options and show you how our Camera towers can improve the effectiveness of your business.


  • The accommodation of a range of our electronic services to improve your business’ productivity
  • A highly visual deterrent
  • Enhanced site safety
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